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Anime 4 Trade

No cash needed! ANYWHERE around the world! Read FAQ and rules before you join ^.-

-Also a place for people to chat about anime, post fics.... pics anything ^-^-


Q: what are you about?
A: Well since I know anime can be ALOT of cash to buy and sometimes hard to find I made this com so that people can trade anime with each other and expand their Anime collections.

Q: How?
A: simply join, introduce yourself and list what you OWN and what you WANT the rest is simple. I will be the ‘middle man’ meaning when both parties have agreed to trade both can contact me via anything really, email would be best, give me your addresses and I will send you mine. You can then send me the DVDS/CDs and I pass them on. OR Send them too each other without me ^^;

Q: How can I trust you?
A: I’m guessing a lot of people that will join will be in the USA/Canada etc etc. I live in England and I am not about to spend 100’s on buying a trip to where you live just to stalk you.

Q: What about my disks? I paid a lot for money for them what if they get lost?
A: Ahhhhh this is the bets thing… you don’t trade ACTUAL DVDs! You trade COPIES of them, burnt versions. I think we will all agree that losing a copy that’s worth $1 is not at all as bad as losing a DVD that could have cost $15 right?

Q: So what else can we trade?
A: Anime copies in DVD or CD format. Music CDs and Trading cards.

Q: I paid someone for their DVD but they never gave me the cash/DVD what now!?
A: Once you get money into the mix it has no part of the trade, do that in your own time no one here can be put at blame =3

Any more? Then ask! =D


1. One Trade at a time if your using me as a middle person.
2. EQUAL trades ONE CD for ONE CD
3. If you are making a copy of a DVD please warn the person what region DVD it will be. Not all players can play the same.
4. ALL Trades should come with a CASE so it does not get damaged in the post, use your brains and be fair.
5. ONLY COPIES unless you REALLY trust this person since like I said in FAQs u lose a copy? So what. Lose the real deal… not so good.
6. No bashing/flaming others
7. Fill out the form for each of your posts regardin' trades
8. Have fun =3

To help get more traders advertise! ^-^


-Animes 2 Trade-
(remember making COPIES not sending MASTER copies)

-Music 2 Trade-

-Animes WANTED-

-Music WANTED-

-Country of residence-

Also everyone should bare in mind if you wish to use me as the middle man I live in England it would take a few weeks so don’t think I’ve just taken it ok? ^-^


Com Mod: ghostkotsuzaka

note: this is non profit, just fun and ehlp to anime fans.
note 2: banner capped by ghostkotsuzaka and made by _last_annoyer_